AsiaSim 2019 Local Visits


Littoral Mission Vessels Simulation Centre

The LMV SimCen comprises two immersive 360-degree screened halls. Each is built around a full mock-up of the LMV Integrated Command Centre (ICC), allowing simultaneous training in navigation, engineering and warfare domains. It also incorporates virtual reality to offer berthing training for the ships’ crew. The scope of the project included the design, development, construction, testing and delivery of two LMV Simulators with: a high-fidelity simulated ICC; instructor operating station; a 360-degree projection visual system featuring 15 high-definition projectors and a continuous screen (4.1m height by 25m diameter); VR system; computer-generated forces; a sound system that produces sounds resulting from weather, as well as ambient, ownship and weapon sounds: and an After Action Review system. The project required the integration of the depth and breadth of bridge, combat and engineering systems into a single simulation with more than 30 systems integrated or their effects simulated in every possible scenario. Since its opening, LMV SimCen has enabled ship teams to reduce training time by up to 60%.

This project just won the outstanding training system integration project in the USA. If participants are interested to visit this centre, please provide your name, affiliation, passport number and a copy of your passport for security clearance. Spaces are limited and will be on a first come first served basis.



Centre for Healthcare Simulation, NUS

The mission of the Centre is to develop a world-class immersive, simulation-based learning environment where medical education is enhanced through simulation technology, innovation and research. Since the establishment of CHS, simulation teaching is embedded into all years of medical and nursing training.

The CHS comprises a simulated Operating Theatre (OT), an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an Emergency Room (ER), a Paediatrics Acute Ward, a Labour Ward, eight clinical wards, two procedural rooms and 60 consultation rooms. With a suite of high fidelity simulators, part task trainers and a pool of trained Standardised Patients, faculty members are able to plan and design innovative programmes where medical and nursing students are given opportunities to learn various clinical skills, team training and communication skills in a safe environment.

Please let us know which you intend to visit as you can visit only ONE. If you are going to visit Littoral Mission Vessels Simulation Centre, please provide the required information by 8th October 2019.