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Technical Program

6 Nov 2013 (Wed)
Time Details
08:00 - 08:45 Registration (Concorde Foyer)
08:45 - 09:00 Opening and Welcoming Remarks (Concorde 2)
09:00 - 10:00 Keynote Session I:
Chair: Stephen John Turner

Making Sense of a Complex World

Professor Peter Sloot
Distinguished Research Professor and Professor of Computational Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Professor of Advanced Computing, St. Petersburg State University, Russia Visiting Professor of Complex Systems, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
10:30 - 12:00 Session 1. Best Paper Session I (Concorde 2)
Chair: Axel Lehmann

A Multi-Threaded Execution Model for the Agent-based SEMSim Traffic Simulation
Heiko Aydt, Yadong Xu, Michael Lees, Alois Knoll

A Latency-Hiding Scheme for Adjacent Interaction Simulation on Multi-Core/Many-Core Clusters
Lily Chen, Wei Li, Jing Zhang, Shuai Shi, Jian-xin Huang

To Execute the C4ISR Architecture based on DoDAF and Simulink
Xiaokai Xia, Kaipeng Zhao, Luo Xu, Chao Liu
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
13:30 - 15:00 Parallel Sessions 2A, 2B and 2C

Session 2A. Agent Based Simulation (Concorde 2)
Chair: Georgios Theodoropoulos

An Obesity Agent Based Model: A New Decision Support System for the Obesity Epidemic
Ali Bourisly

An Agent Framework For High Performance Simulations Over Multi-Core Clusters
Franco Cicirelli, Libero Nigro

A Behavior Based Crowd Simulation Framework for Riot Controlling in City Environment
Jiahong Liang, Meng Li, Yuewen Fu, Shili Li

Session 2B. Scheduling Algorithms (Studio 1)
Chair: Lin Zhang

Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Simulation Capability Scheduling Problem
Yingying Xiao, Xudong Chai, Bohu Li, Tingyu Lin, Yang Chen

Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Solving Multi-aisle Automated Warehouse Scheduling Optimization
Wenqiang Yang, Deng Li, Qun Niu, Minrui Fei

Solving Battalion Rescheduling Problem Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
Irfan Younas, Farzad Kamrani, Farshad Moradi, Rassul Ayani, Johan Schubert, Anne Håkansson

Session 2C. Simulation Methods and Tools I (Studio 2)
Chair: Malcolm Low

Research on Co-simulation Method in ADAMS and MATLAB for Missile Seeker’s Stabilization Platform Design
Xueping Zhu, Zhengchun Liu, Jun Yang

An Automatic Registration Method Based on Fiducial Marker for Image Guided Neurosurgery System
Minjie Yin, Xukun Shen, Yong Hu, Xiaorui Fang

A Method for Simulation Model Validation Based on TIC and Principal Component Analysis
Song Jiao, Wei Li, Ming Yang

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
15:30 - 17:00 Parallel Sessions 3A, 3B and 3C

Session 3A. Simulation and Visualization (Concorde 2)
Chair: Yuen Jien Soo

Compression for Large-scale Time-varying Volume Data Using Spatio-temporal Features
Kun Zhao, Naohisa Sakamoto, Koji Koyamada

The Division Method in Visualization of High Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Propagation for Distributed Computing on CAVE System
Hua Xie, Mitsunori Makino

3D Fused Visualization Based on Particles-Based Rendering with Opacity Using Volume Texture
Kyoko Hasegawa, Satoshi Tanaka, Kozaburo Hachimura

Session 3B. Modeling Methodology (Studio 1)
Chair: Xiao Song

Error Modeling of Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation System and its Influence Analysis for a Certain Missile
Xiao-fei Chang, ShiZheng Wan, Wen-xing Fu, Jie Yan

An Agent-based Modeling and Evolutionary Optimization Approach for Vulnerability Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Networks
Akhila Kizhakkedath, Kang Tai, Mong Soon Sim, Robert Lee Kong Tiong, Jiaying Lin

Choosing Models of Appropriate Resolutions for Simulation: a MRM approach
Huachao Mao, Gongzhuang Peng, Heming Zhang

Session 3C. Simulation Methods and Tools II (Studio 2)
Chair: Norhaliza Abdul Wahab

Effects of Random Number Generators on V2X Communication Simulation
Robert Protzmann, Bjoern Schuenemann, Ilja Radusch

Generating the Confidence Interval of Time Averaged Estimator Using Threshold Bootstrap
Jinsoo Park, Yun Kim, Haneul Lee, Gisun Jung, Sangeun Kim, Jeong Kang, Jay Jou, Yeon Jung

Reliability Analysis Method using Dynamic Reliability Block Diagram based on DEVS Formalism
Sol Ha, Namkug Ku, Myung-Il Roh, Ju-Hwan Cha

18:30 Reception (Concorde Foyer)

7 Nov 2013 (Thu)
Time Details
08:00 - 09:00 Registration (Concorde Foyer)
09:00 - 10:00 Keynote Session II (Concorde 2)
Chair: Yong Meng Teo

Challenges in Three-level Parallelization-based Analytic Simulation

Professor Yiping Yao
Vice Director, Institute of Simulation Engineering
Professor, School of Information System and Management,
National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, Hunan, China

10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
10:30 - 12:00 Session 4. Best Paper Session II (Concorde 2)
Chair: Axel Lehmann

A Yaw Rate Tracking Control of Active Front Steering System using Composite Nonlinear Feedback
M Khairi Aripin, Y.M Sam, Kumeresan A.D, Kemao Peng, Mohd Hanif Che Hasan, Muhamad Fahezal Ismail

Two-stage Nested Optimization-based Uncertainty Propagation Method for Uncertainty Reduction
Xiaochao Qian, Wei Li, Ming Yang

Intelligent Identification Methods for Rotor Resistance Parameter of Induction Motor Drive
Moulay Rachid Douiri, Mohamed Cherkaouibr
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
13:30 - 15:00 Parallel Sessions 5A, 5B and ASIASIM Federation meeting

Session 5A. Simulation in Science and Engineering I (Concorde 2)
Chair: Sun Teck Tan

Optimal Design of the Jumping Robot Based on Velocity Directional Manipulability and Dynamic Directional Manipulability
Qi Yang

Dynamic Torque Control incorporating Tracking Differentiator for Motor-driven Load Simulator
Kang Chen, Hang Guo, Li Sun, Jie Yan

Feed-forward Neural Network Approximation Applied to Activated Sludge System
Muhammad Gaya Sani, Norhaliza Abdul Wahab, Yahya Md Sam, Sharatul Izah Samsuddin

Session 5B. Parallel & Distributed Simulation (Studio 1)
Chair: Franco Cicirelli

Symbiotic Simulation of Assembly Quality Control in Large Gas Turbine Manufacturing
Xiangrui Meng, Linxuan Zhang, Mian Wang

Profiling Multilevel Partitioning for Asynchronous VLSI Distributed Simulation
Georgios Theodoropoulos, Elias Tsirogiannis

A Parallel Variant of BiCGStar-plus Method Reduced to Single Global Synchronization
Seiji Fujino, Keiichi Murakami

ASIASIM Federation meeting (Gallery 2 & 3)

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
15:30 - 17:00 Short Papers Parallel Sessions 6A, 6B and 6C

Session 6A. Short Papers (Concorde 2)
Chair: Gee Kin Yeo

Construction of Simulation Environment based on Augmented Reality Technique
Hanyu Xue, Hongyan Quan, Xiao Song, Maomao Wu

A Mediate-based ABS Framework in Large-scale Military Analytic Simulation
Mei Yang, Yun Zhou, Shan-liang Yang, Zheng-Jun Yang, Ke-di Huang

Confrontation Scenario Simulation using Functional Programming Model
Lin Tang, Minggang Dou, Dan Chen

Research on Simulation-Experimentation-Based Effectiveness Evaluation of Digitized Force’s Command and Control System
Fang Zhao, Tao Zhang, Xin Wei, Xin Jun Zhao

SanTrain: A Serious Game Architecture as Platform for Multiple First Aid and Emergency Medical Trainings
Axel Lehmann, Marko Hofmann, Julia Palii, Alexandros Karakasidis, Patrick Ruckdeschel

Development of an Interactive Game as Educational Tool using an Off-shelf Simulation Application
Yin Kai, David Chan, Poey Ching Neo

Session 6B. Short Papers (Studio 1)
Chair: Kyoko Hasegawa

Particle-Based Simulation of Fluid-Solid Coupling
Xinyi Yin, Xukun Shen, Fengquan Zhang, Guanzhe Huang

A Fast Outlier Detection Method for Big Data
Boyuan Liu, Wenhui Fan, Tianyuan Xiao

A Discrete Event Simulation based Production Line Optimization through Markov Decision Process
Yuan Feng, Wenhui Fan, Yuanhui Qin

Fidelity Evaluation for DELS Simulation Models
Yukun Liu, Jing Chen

Symbiotic Simulation for the Generation and Simulation of Incident Management Strategies
Vinh An Vu, Giho Park, Gary Tan

Simulation Job Scheduling on Clusters with Heterogeneous Scheduling Systems
Chi Xing, Xudong Chai, Qi Wang, Chen Yang, Li Tan

Session 6C. Short Papers (Studio 2)
Chair: Gary Tan

Research on a Knowledge Model of Aircraft Design Based on Unified Description Framework
Xiayi Gong, Bo Hu Li, Chai Xudong, Mu Gu

A 3D Visualization Framework for Real-time Distribution and Situation Forecast of Atmospheric Chemical Pollution
Haibo Wang, Jingeng Mai, Yi Song, Chaoshi Wang, Lin Zhang, Fei Tao, Qining Wang

Detection Method for Credibility Defect of Simulation Based on Sobol’ Method and Orthogonal Design
Zhong Zhang, Ke Fang, Fang Wu, Ming Yang

The Distribution Characteristics Analysis of Advanced RES Feature
Bin Zhu, Wei-dong Jin, Zhi-bin Yu, Jian-qu Zhu

IMC-PID Design Based on an Approximation of Polynomial Equations
Kimikazu Kawaguchi, Hiroki Shibasaki, Ryo Tanaka, Hiromitsu Ogawa, Takahiro Murakami, Yoshihisa Ishida

Digital Redesign Method for Plants with Input Time Delay
Hikaru Simonmaxwell Karasaki, Kimikazu Kawaguchi, Hiroki Shibasaki, Ryo Tanaka, Hiromitsu Ogawa, Yoshihisa Ishida

19:30 Conference Banquet
(Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, Gardens by the Bay)

8 Nov 2013 (Fri)
Time Details
09:00 - 10:30 Parallel Sessions 7A, 7B and 7C

Session 7A. Simulation in Science and Engineering II (Concorde 2)
Chair: Taku Itoh

DNS–PDF Simulation of Turbulent Mixing in a Reactive Planar Jet
Tomoaki Watanabe, Yasuhiko Sakai, Kouji Nagata, Yasumasa Ito, Osamu Terashima, Toshiyuki Hayase

On the Wave Spectrum Selection in Ocean Wave Scene Simulation of the Maritime Simulator
Li-ning Chen, Yi-cheng Jin, Yong Yin, Hong-xiang Ren

Contribution of NaP-Channels to the Property of Subthreshold Resonance Oscillation
Babak Vazifehkhah Ghaffari, Tatsuo Kitajima, Shahrum Shah bin Abdullah, Mojgan Kouhnavard

Session 7B. High Level Architecture (Studio 1)
Chair: Xiao Song

An OM Mapping based Federation Development and Execution Process for Overlapped Federation Executions
Bin Xiao, Hongbo Sun, Tianyuan Xiao

BMRSS: BOM-based Multi-Resolution Simulation System Using Components
Gongzhuang Peng, Huachao Mao, Heming Zhang

VTF Gateway: A Solution for Interconnecting VTF and HLA
Xinlong Tan, Yiping Yao, Laibin Yan, Tengfei Hu, Feihua Cai

Session 7C. Aircraft Simulation (Studio 2)
Chair: Yahaya Md Sam

The Stratospheric Airship non-forming Descent Path Simulation and Analysis
Zi-long Cong, Hui Ning, Fan Yang

Simulation-Based Control for CPS Application to Aircraft Flexible Assembly
Hui Li, Linxuan Zhang, Tianyuan Xiao, Jun Liu

Lateral Carrier Landing Performance Affecting Factors of Small Carrier-based UAV
Fengying Zheng, Huajun Gong, Ju Jiang, Ziyang Zhen

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
11:00 - 12:00 Parallel Sessions 8A, 8B and 8C

Session 8A. Simulation in Science and Engineering III (Concorde 2)
Chair: Satoshi Tanaka

Automatic Calibration of Field Mill using Virtual Instrument
Yong Cui, Hai Wen Yuan, Qiu Sheng Wang, Xiao Song

Electrostatic Simulation in Dielectric Composite Material by Extended Element-Free Galerkin Method
Taku Itoh, Ayumu Saitoh, Soichiro Ikuno, Atsushi Kamitani

Session 8B. High Performance Computing and Simulation (Studio 1)
Chair: Heiko Aydt

Performance Measurement of Parallel Vlasov Code for Space Plasma on Scalar-Type Supercomputer Systems with Large Number of Cores
Takayuki Umeda, Keiichiro Fukazawa

Performance Evaluation of Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation for Magnetosphere on K computer
Keiichiro Fukazawa, Takeshi Nanri, Takayuki Umeda

Session 8C. Simulation Applications (Studio 2)
Chair: Yun-Bae Kim

Approaches to Adaptability Pre-assessment of Facilities in New Line Connected Transfer Station
Yuexin Wang, Baoming Han

A Simulation Study of Radial Slits Pressure Regulator for Hydrogen Gas
Takahiro Mizuno, Chongho Youn, Yoshinari Nakamura, Toshiharu Kagawa

12:00 - 12:30 Closing (Concorde 2)
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch (Concorde 1 and Foyer)
14:00 - 17:00 Local Visits
Option 1: Singapore Discovery Centre

Option 2: Singapore General Hospital Institute for Medical Simulation and Education

Conference Ends