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AsiaSim 2013 Local Visits

On the last day of AsiaSim conference 8th November (Friday), 2013, we have planned two possible destinations for the delegates. Each destination can only accommodate about 35-40 visitors at one time, so please indicate your preference on site during the conference registration. First come first served.

You can find a short write-up for the destinations below. Please follow the included web link if you are interested to know more about these places.

Institute for Medical Simulation & Education

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the largest and oldest hospital in Singapore. It offers a comprehensive range of specialist diagnosis services and serves as one of the teaching and researching hospitals in Singapore.

In March 1999, SGH opened the Institute for Medical Simulation & Education (IMSE) as a venue for basic skills training.

Since 2008, IMSE has incorporated the use of simulation mannequins for training. This is currently conducted within a “mini-hospital” suite including a simulated Operating Theatre, simulated intensive care units and communication laboratories. Simulation training offers the participants a hands-on experience by exposing them to a variety of scenarios.

The programmes are comprehensive, catering to the demands of varying healthcare professionals. These courses are conducted within a controlled setting and participants are able to practise and develop their skills and procedures within a simulation training environment, without compromising on the quality and safety of patient care.

The Institute’s mission is to “improve patient safety through experiential learning, simulation and educational technology” and its vision is to be the regional leader for simulation-based clinical training.

The program will start from 3pm until 4.30pm. There will be a video presentation and visits to Surgical Simulation Lab, ICU Lab, OT Lab & Control, tea reception at Q&A session.


Singapore Discovery Center

The Singapore Discovery Centre is an 'edutainment' attraction that offers engaging exhibits for everybody, providing insights into what makes Singapore tick.

If you are one who questions everything and possesses an interest in finding out how things tick, you’ll love Singapore Discovery Centre.

Uncover what makes Singapore unique. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of thought-provoking and interactive exhibits that will provide good fodder for your inquisitive nature.

Delve into our past, examine the present and step into the future.

Whether you’re a tourist interested in unraveling the enigma that is uniquely Singapore, a local keen to know more about your home, or just looking for a place that will not only educate but also inspire, Singapore Discovery Centre is just the place for you!