Past Year Events

(31/03/2012) Mini-workshop:
Bridging Computer Science to Simulation, by Samir Abou Sambra
(08/01/2011) Talk:
Using games and simulations in formal education: some lessons from the UK, by Richard Sanford
(21/07/2010) “Game to Teach” Talk Series:
Puzzles: Mathematical Fun Journey, by Pantazis Houlis
(27/03/2010) “Game to Teach” Talk Series:
Virtual Worlds for Gaming, Learning and Collaboration, by Fiona Nah Fui Hoon Fiona
(27/03/2010) “Game to Teach” Talk Series:
Puzzles More to it, by Siva Subramaniam
(12/12/2009) “Game to Teach” Talk Series:
Colonisation of SEA, by Lim Teck Huat
(29/06 – 03/07/2009) ISAGA 2009:
Learn to Game and Game to Learn
(26/06/2009) ISAGA2009 Pre-Conference Workshop:
Training with Simulation & Gaming, by Prof David Crookall
(02/05/2009) Workshop at UWA Conference:
Gaming to upgrade, by Paschal Tay and Yeo Gee Kin

(26/07/2008) Talk:
NUS Second Life Campus, by Ms Chew-Goh Swee Wah
(25/07/2008) Talk:
An Intel Talk for Game Developers, by Terence Chiang
(13/03/2008) Talk:
How Serious is Serious Gaming, by Yeo Gee Kin


Visit by Profs Mark Overmars and Johan Werkhoven of AGS

(26/01/2008) Seminar:
Crisis Management and Symbiotic Simulation, by Seth Hetu

(1-2/12/2007) Third Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery

(21-22/11/2007) ICET2007 Exhibition

(11/08/2007) Seminar:
Games for Education – How Engaging Can They Be? by Mak Wai Keong
(31/03/2007) Workshop:
Learning Through Simulations & Games, by Elyssebeth Leigh